President Bush to American People: “Are You Guys Still Mad at Me?”



George W. Bush gave an emotional speech Tuesday while waiving a miniature American flag the entire time.

This week former president George W. Bush addressed the American people in what many are calling the strangest former presidential oration in the history of the United States.

“Why are you making that face?” Mr. Bush said as he looked out at the stunned crowd. “It seems like you’re mad at me and I don’t know why…No, really are you guys mad, because I dont like when people are mad at me.” The speech would go on to include four minutes of wiping his nose, eight minutes “trying to get something out his eye,” and fourteen minutes hugging surprised members of the crowd. When asked if there was any legitimacy to Bush’s claims, the oddly in sync crowd responded in unison “we’re not mad at George, we’re just dissapointed.”


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